During the holidays we relax, celebrate, and enjoy family time. We tend to over indulge on food and drinks, also break the normal routine of work school and study and we try to unwind and prepare ourselves for the New Year ahead not realizing the impact the festive season will have to our eating habits.

So January we all know the feeling of guilt and disappointment when the scale is showing us new digits we haven’t seen before.

Worst of all we know we wasted 11 months of hard work and dedication to the Herbalife programme by not having enough healthy meals and drinks, which you could have avoided by drinking at least one Herbalife meal replacement shake, Herbalife vitamins and drinking Herbalife instant herbal beverage aka Thermojectics once a day.

We are offering a few tips to show you that you can stay on track with the Herbalife way of life.

  • Healthy serving size. Try and cut down your serving size, smaller portions are better and your body can process it much more efficiently, keeping in mind that you need to eat every 2-3 hours. I always like to think that I’m currently eating a meal now but I need to save room for my next meal in the next 2/3 hours time, so I don’t take very big portions.
  • Only one indulgence. The key is just one indulgence allow yourself just that one, not one of each, just one of one kind. So choose, is it the Christmas cake, the desert, maybe the roast potatoes or even the glass of cherry. We don’t have to enjoy all the extras that come with every dinner. Pick the one you love the most and enjoy it.
  • Leave something on the plate. I was always taught when growing up that I need to finish everything on my plate, instead of stopping when I feel full! So we are in the habit of finishing our food and especially when at a restaurant, you want to get your monies worth. But it’s more important for your waist line to finish when you are feeling full rather than scrapping the plate clean. If you get in the habit of leaving a small piece of food on your plate and resisting the temptation of clean out your plate it will teach you will power and determination.
  • Interact instead of eat. For too many people the festive season is all about the food instead of spending time with family and friends. Socializing sharing great conversation and sharing news.
  • Daily exercise. The festive season is not a time to abandon a disciplined healthy Herbalife lifestyle.
  • Alcohol in moderation. Moderation is key, also make a rule for every glass of alcohol drink a glass of water. With alcohol comes potential impairment of driving and even behavior, so the ability to say no to the wrong food, the extra drink, another piece of desert becomes almost impossible. Not to mention the empty calories from the alcohol.

Keep your holiday celebrations healthy with Herbalife instant herbal beverage Thermojectics, Formula 1 Meal replacement shake and Personalized protein powder.